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In 2030, where will you be?



Or here?


You owe it to yourself. . .


to increase your odds

of making it to the finish line in 2030.

"Avoiding Death Indefinitely:

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The first half of the book

will convince you with scientific arguments that the Age of Unlimited Life Extension is fast approaching, faster than mainstream society realizes or admits.

The second half

will introduce to you the 7 principles of life extension, a coherent plan for making it to the finish line, as well as draw the social and political implications of the end of mandatory death.

Immortality is not our goal.

First, we don't even know what "immortality" means.  And second, we - the human race - just want to make our deaths OPTIONAL rather than MANDATORY.


we'll see.

Evolutionary change


This is the single most important fact

for you to understand, and one that very few people in the world really get.  First proposed by Alvin Toffler in 1970, the idea is that, since the beginning of our universe, the rate of change has been speeding up.  The implications are that, the further along we go, the greater the changes, and that increasingly the future is getting harder to predict.

Grasping this startling fact makes the Age of Unlimited Life Extension easier to accept, especially considering the current advances in genetic, molecular, and robotic engineering and technology.

If you doubt the truth of this,

just compare the technological progress made in the 20th century with the advances in the 19th century.  Then compare the advances in the 19th century with those of the 18th century.  And so on.

In the words of the great Yogi Berra,

"The future ain't what it used to be."

The Six Epochs of Evolutionary Change

Our universe is 14 billion years old.


EPOCH 1 – The first 10 billion years: Physics and Chemistry.  Information is contained in atomic structures.  Elements form and planets coalesce around stars, creating the conditions for Epoch 2.

EPOCH 2 – The next 4 billion years: Biology.  Information is contained in DNA.  Biological life begins on Earth in the form of genetic material.  Primitive forms of DNA develop in complexity until it shifts into Epoch 3. 

EPOCH 3 – The next 1 billion years: Brains.  Information is contained in neural patterns.  Life develops the ability to gather information with sensory organs and store that information in neural nets.  Brains become bigger and more complex until, with the help of the opposable thumb and upright posture, humanoids and humans come into existence, preparing the way for the next paradigm shift.  

EPOCH 4 – The next ten thousand years: Technology.  Information is contained in hardware and software designs.  With the advent of agriculture and class society, change picks up speed.  In a relatively short period of time, evolution moves from simple mechanisms to sophisticated devices, which are currently hurtling us into the next paradigm shift.  

EPOCH 5 - Now: The Merger of Technology and Human Intelligence.  The methods of biology, including human intelligence, combine with our exponentially expanding technology, allowing us to abandon the profound limitations of biology and graduate into a new, non-biological life form whose intelligence doubles itself at an increasing rate.  This will prepare us for the next epoch.  

EPOCH 6 – Over the next forty years: The Universe Wakes Up.  Patterns of matter and energy in the universe become saturated with our intelligent processes and knowledge.  As the human mind fills the universe, we become the universe, allowing us to finally understand everything!

Our amazing future

Genetic engineering


and tissue regeneration, according to Ray Kurzweil in The Singularity is Near, will flourish in the late 2020s.  Using stem cell therapy and other medical technologies, medical science will be able to replace in situ any tissue or organ of ours that is diseased, injured, or just plain worn out with new tissues and organs.  In addition, corrupted  DNA will be fixed to eliminate many health problems at their source.  If we make it alive to this point, we will have defeated mandatory death.

Molecular engineering


and nano-technology will flourish in the 2030s.  Imagine a desktop molecular assembler, a kind of Star Trek 'replicator," that assembles from a resevoir of random molecules anything you tell it to - Blue Pants #3, Taco Meal #12, Paintbrush #4 - anything you want, and when you are finished with the item, you place it back into the recycle bin.  Community molecular assemblers will create any large items for your temporary use.  Concepts like "ownership," "money," and "capitalism" will become obsolete.  Disease and injury will be defeated at the atomic level.

Robotic engineering


and artificial intelligence will peak in the 2040s.  We are already on the road to becoming cyborgs (cybernetic organisms).  Think about how many people now have tooth implants, hearing aids, pacemakers, artificial joints, and mind-directed limbs.  Gradually as we ourselves elect to replace more and more biological functions with mechanical ones, we will lose our fear of "robots" as "the other" and embrace this technology as being far superior to fragile biology.  Brain implants will increase our cognitive abilities a hundred-fold, a thousand-fold, and more.

And then. . .

A new species. . .


traveling through other dimensions, is my guess.

But first, we got problems,

like this one,


and this one,


and this one,


that technology. . .


alone. . .


will not resolve.