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Our Mission at BodyTrust

To get you as close to your optimal lean state as you wish to be; To help you cultivate calmness, self-reliance, and self-esteem; To give you permission to move food off center-stage so that you simply eat to live instead of live to eat.

BodyTrust - The Booklet


Motivations for Weight Loss 

Conventional Weight Loss Strategies and Why They Fail 

Reasons for Eating 

Hunger —  Your Best Friend 

The Extent of the Overfed Epidemic 

A History of the Problem 

Yin & Yang Theory 

Excess Yin: The Enemy 

Excess Yang: The Enemy 

The Biological Purpose of Excess Yin/Obesity 

The Five Reasons for Eating 

Three Ubiquitous and Connected Habits

 The Optimal Lean Zone 

The Two Healthy Reasons to Eat 

The Three Eating Instincts  

The Three Drinking Instincts 

Reasons People Succeed With BodyTrust 

Case Studies with E Douglas Kihn, OMD 

Case Studies in Brazil with Doctor Bianca Brasil 

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