The Chinese Medical Clinic

Since 1985,

Dr. Doug has been helping folks overcome their health problems, using the same methods that have made Chinese medicine famous throughout the world.  Treatable disorders include all problems that are not emergencies.

Wellness coaching

 In our modern world, the root causes of most health problems are found in the choices people make in their daily lives.  If you are ready to change and grow, Dr. Doug will help you replace the destructive habits of worrying, hurrying, and overeating with healthy habits. 

Chinese herbology

At the same time and based on his diagnosis, Dr. Doug will prescribe just the right herbal formulas that your body/mind needs to heal.


Using meridian therapy and Shiatsu technique, Dr. Doug's healing hands have been called "magic." 

Reasonable rates

$75 per session, $240 for a 4-pack; cash or check; discounts for students and unemployed.  Acupuncture is free.  No insurance.

Make an appointment

Contact Dr. Doug at 310-902-5049 or

About Chinese Medicine


The language and theory of Chinese medicine is time-tested, logically consistent, connects mind/body & environment, and can be used to explain, prevent, and cure most disorders and diseases in all times and cultures.


Concepts that are simple and intuitive make Chinese medicine the logical lingua franca of general health care, the natural partner of emergency medicine, and the perfect vehicle for full participation of folks in their own healing processes.

"Chinese Medicine for the Modern World"

is written for people like you who are serious about their health and well-being.  

Publishing date: Feb. 2019.

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