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“THE PHYSICIAN who teaches people to sustain their health is the superior physician.  The physician who waits to treat people after their health is damaged is considered to be inferior.  This is like waiting until one’s family is starving to begin to plant seeds in the garden."

                  —Yellow Emperor’s Classic on Internal Medicine, ca. 500 B.C.E.

About the Book


Chinese Medicine for the Modern World

Ancient Wisdom to Stop Worrying, Hurrying, and Overeating

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The basics clearly explained

The wisdom of ancient healers as applied to new continents and a new century, without all the unnecessary fluff and mistaken notions that you will find in other publications.  Designed to be read and digested by patients, students, practitioners, and everyone else interested in 

good health and well-being.


The solutions to our modern problems

Find specific directions on how to abolish the worrying, hurrying, and overeating that causes your liver qi stagnation, heart heat, and spleen damp.  Chinese Medicine for the Modern World will teach you how to create BALANCE 

in your life as you participate in your own healing process.

Contents in Three Parts


Basic language & theory

Basic language & theory

Basic language & theory

Yin & yang

Eight principles

Five substances

Five elements

Pathways & organs



Basic language & theory

Basic language & theory

Exogenous pathology

Endogenous pathology

Defining 21st century pathology


Defeating pathology

Basic language & theory

Defeating pathology

Diagnosis & treatment

Wellness coaching

Defeating liver qi stagnation

Defeating heart heat

Defeating spleen damp

Defeating exterior pathology

The Back Cover Description

Prevent & Cure Modern Disorders

WITH ANCIENT CHINESE MEDICINE. This unique and comprehensive guide revolutionizes the way Chinese medicine is used and taught in the twenty-first century. Such an ancient system might seem outdated for contemporary life, but this book reveals how it’s actually perfect for modern concerns—everything from stress caused by social media to round-the-clock access to rich and fatty food to anxiety over endless checklists and responsibilities.

CHINESE MEDICINE FOR THE MODERN WORLD discusses six common syndromes with a focus on the three internal problems of liver qi stagnation, heart heat, and spleen damp. To heal these syndromes, author E Douglas Kihn offers practical strategies and specific directions for substituting unhealthy habits with healthy ones. Discover the Five Elements, the Eight Principles, and the twelve primary channels. Explore hands-on exercises, chapter study questions, clarifying images, and more. This exceptional book helps you understand and utilize the amazing possibilities of Chinese medicine for current times.

E DOUGLAS KIHN, D.O.M., is a doctor of Oriental medicine with thirty-five years of experience practicing and teaching Chinese medicine. He is the author of BodyTrust, Avoiding Death Indefinitely, and The Workbook of Chinese Herbs, and he’s the producer of two YouTube shows—BodyTrust Mornings and BodyTrust Weekly. He lives and works in West Los Angeles, California, and can be contacted through his website at www.GoBodyTrust.com.  [Reprinted by permission of Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.]