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With Cait Donovan of Fried: The Ultimate Guide to Burnout


For more interviews with Cait, go to  https://www.friedtheburnoutpodcast.com/ 


Useful Links


Linda Modaro, Meditation Teacher

Linda Modaro of Sati Sangha says, "Bringing our meditation sittings into discourse with another person changes the conversation to a relationship; one of developing trust, care, and collaboration; and so the Dharma teachings emerge between us."   https://satisangha.org/  

Joel Penner, O.M.D., Herbalist

Over the years, Professor Penner at American Dragon has compiled the most amazing encyclopedia of Chinese herbal remedies open to the public, which he uses to help people heal themselves.  https://www.americandragon.com/

Dr. Lauren Brim, Sexual Counselor

 Lauren Brim, Ph.D. is an author and doctor of human sexuality who offers an alternative mind-body approach to sex therapy that addresses the everyday problems people have with sex including  vaginal pain, inability to orgasm, sexual abuse or trauma, low libido, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and embracing kink/fetish, sexual orientation and identity.   https://laurenbrim.com/ 

Doric George, Psychotherapist

 At EMDR West, Dr. George reaches into his bottomless bag of tricks to take people out of their child-or-adult-onset misery and into self-awareness, self-trust, and self-respect.  http://emdrwest.com/ 

Christie Goran, Professional Organizer

Christie helps folks eliminate the physical and mental clutter in their lives, so they can explore their possibilities more fully. https://www.unclutteredla.com/

Rhonda Mahananda Woodhouse, Ayurvedic Practitioner

Rhonda Mahananda says, "Ayurvedic bodywork is a superb reminder that you are more than your present circumstance."   http://www.mahananda.com/ 


Bianca Brasil, Licensed Acupuncturist/Herbalist

In Sao Paolo, Brazil,  Dr. Bianca and her staff at Haikai Institute resolve a myriad of health issues using traditional Asian medicine that include Hunyuan Medicine, while helping patients learn to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.  http://www.institutohaikai.com.br/ 

Valerie Brown, Licensed Acupuncturist

Dr. Valerie and her staff offer safe, effective and affordable acupuncture treatments in a warm community setting at Eagle Rock Community Acupuncture. https://ercaclinic.com/

Westside School of Ballet

For over fifty years, teachers and staff at Westside ballet in Santa Monica have been training all levels and all ages of ballet students in this very demanding and beautiful discipline that promotes core strength, balance, musicality, and mental agility. https://westsideballet.com/

DJamal Kord, Licensed Acupuncturist

Based in Santa Monica, DJamal  uses medical acupuncture, cupping therapy, and Chinese herbology to counter distress and disease, while investigating the causative factors that often generate those health problems. https://santamonicaacupunctureandmeditation.com/