BodyTrust Sessions

Dr. Doug will meet with you via Skype or FaceBook videophone - or in person, usually on a weekly basis, until you are ready to continue on your own.

Most sessions utilize Hunger Awareness Training, a form of cognitive behavioral therapy devised by Dr. Doug to get you in touch with your true eating expert - your own body.

Most clients require four to eight sessions to get moving on the path to lean, clean, and calm.

You will receive the booklet BodyTrust - Manage Your Waist Naturally which you can study at home.

Individual session: $60

Packet of four sessions:  $200

Se habla espanol.

Automatic Weight Loss

The pounds seem to drop off without any effort. That's because you will be substituting bodytrust for willpower. Diets, calorie-burning exercises, and taking weight loss supplements for long periods require "being good," which at some point will inevitably turn into "being bad." Deprivation does not work in the end.

The first level you will reach with BodyTrust is where it becomes very difficult to eat past your body's comfort level. This will mean the end of any more weight gain, and all because you raised your level  of self-trust. A lesson like this stays with you for the rest of your life.

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Dr. E Douglas Kihn

West Los Angeles, California 90066, United States