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Wellness Coaching

and the Wellness Revolution. . .

In rich countries, prevention and cure are two sides of the same coin. Wellness coaching will help you replace unhealthy habits like worrying, hurrying, and overeating with healthy habits that allow the body/mind to heal itself.

Learn to trust your own Genius Self

You do not need scientists or "experts" or even friends and family to tell you how to live. When you look deep inside, you know who you are and you know what you need.

Individual session: $60

Packet of four sessions:  $200

Se habla espanol.

For information on personal appearance, workshops, and other matters, email me at drkihn@gmail.com

Free Consultation

Best option


Videophone by Skype or FB allows for the most convenient face-to-face discussion.

Second choice


Although a coffee shop can be a bit distracting, it does allow for a full discussion.

Third choice


The phone. 

Set up an appointment by email.

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