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Always trust your body.

We can't all be perfect specimens.  But we can all develop our fitness to its highest potential.

If you are just emerging from winter hibernation. . .

or have a serious illness, or are overworked, you probably don't have much energy or motivation to exercise.  If your body is calling for more sleep and rest, then that is what you must give it.

If you have an injury that causes you pain. . .

do not "work through it."  Pain is the body's message that says, "Take care of this problem."

Exercise is instinctive.

It should feel good.  It should feel right, mentally and physically.  If walking feels good, walk.

Do not exercise to "burn calories."

It is the worst reason to exercise, and is a complete waste of time. Will you reward yourself with food later?  And what happens if you get sick or injured and keep eating the same amount of food?

Losing weight for many is easy. . .

But keeping it off requires a healthy mind and body.  Regular intense exercise is essential for good mental health and natural weight management.

The Triad of Fitness


Increases the thickness of muscles, bones, tendons, and the walls of the heart chambers.  Make it intense and brief, with at least three days of rest between muscle groups.  Do not neglect upper body, lower body, or core muscles.  Many sports and other activities increase strength.  If you are new to strength-training, hire a trainer.

Your strength workout need not last more than 

20 minutes, 2-3 times per week.


Increases the volume of the heart chambers.  Interval training, brief and intense every second or third day, provides best results.  Walking is one of the best endurance exercises you can do.  Bicycling, swimming, jogging, stair-climbing, hiking, and dancing are a few of the many fun aerobic activities that will increase endurance.

Your endurance workout need not last more than 

20 minutes, 2-3 times per week.


Stretching can be perfomed daily.  Yoga combined with foam rolling provides best results for both mind and body.  Take classes with a view to developing your own routine.  Other activities such as ballet, gymnastics, and tai chi will also increase flexibility.

Your flexibility workout need not last more than 

20 minutes, 3 times per week.

Dr. Doug

is a Certified Personal Trainer

with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (2007).

A former professional fitness trainer

for Balley Total Fitness gym, Culver City, CA.

With fifty years in the gym environment

thoroughly knowledgable about body building, power lifting, hatha yoga, and aerobic training.

A lifelong, elite athlete

proficient in weight training, soccer, hiking, tennis, scuba, downhill skiing, surfing, swing dancing, ballet, swimming, bicycling, jogging, hatha yoga, swordplay, kungfu, archery, rollerskating, javelin, and marksmanship.

I will visit your home gym

and devise your own personal fitness program that will develop your fitness potential in the shortest time possible.  My methods are non-conventional, measurable, and highly-productive.  I don't believe in wasting time.

Reasonable rates

$70 per session.

$240 for four sessions.

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