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Natural waist management...

and much more!

Welcome to BodyTrust. . .

The Leading Edge of the Wellness Revolution

When your mind trusts your body

  • Your waistline shrinks without diets, exercises, or supplements.
  • Your genius body cleans itself out of excess fat, intestinal sludge, tumors, blood pollution, and other toxic or foreign substances.
  • You reduce or eliminate the worrying, hurrying, and overeating that are making you sick, tired, and fat.
  • As you practice Hunger Awareness Training, your energy and joy-of-living increase while health problems diminish or disappear.
  • Food moves off center-stage over to the sidelines, because you experiment with other forms of gratification that promote your health and wellbeing.
  • Best of all, your development of self-trust on the most basic level - the physical body -transforms gradually into self-confidence and strength of character.

Our goal: To become lean, clean, strong, and calm.


Wellness Coaching - the New Frontier

Experience counts

For more than two decades, Dr. E Douglas Kihn has helped thousands of people get lean, clean, serene, and seen, by teaching them to trust their one true eating expert - 

their own bodies.

BodyTrust sessions

are the best way to lose weight.  In one-on-one hour-long meetings with Dr. Kihn, you will learn a whole new way of relating to food and to your own self.  This experience will stay with you for a lifetime.

Yin and yang

For ease of comprehension, the language and theory of Chinese medicine, the lingua franca of general health care, will be combined with Western medical theory in your

 BodyTrust sessions

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