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Wellness in the News for November 2019


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People eat more when dining with family & friends

Remember the last time you got distracted by your friends or family and ate past your comfort level? That icky feeling of being stuffed afterward usually works to keep me from reaching for that second plate of meat and potatoes.

Here's the report on a scientific study that tells us something we probably already know.


Male "pill" still far off

They're working on it but they still don't see the light at the end of the tunnel. Go here for the latest research.

Of course, the only 100% natural, healthy, and 100% effective birth control method is for a woman to get lean enough to put into temporary abeyance her menstrual cycle - a phenomenon known as "amenorrhea."


Brain rewired, memories stabilized during sleep

This first study tells us how our immune cells rewire and repair our brains while we sleep - like a reset button.

The second study shows how memories are stored and stabilized in our brains  during sleep.

How do you know if you have gotten enough sleep? Boredom or excessive planning is usually my signal to get up and start my day.


Family counseling stops bullying

A recent study emphasizes the importance of family communication and support in cases where a child is being bullied.

Both bullies and the bullied are crying for attention regarding a family dysfunction that is beyond their solving. IMO, this is true for almost all behavioral problems with kids.


"Elite athletes" gamble with their health

A study found that  'swimmer's shoulder' is common in more than three-quarters of competitive swimmers.

Every time you watch "world-class" athletes receive their awards and rewards for driving themselves beyond human limits, you can count on the fact that their smiles hide a long catalogue of painful injuries.

What a waste of time and effort, in my humble opinion.


Real texture for lab-grown meat

Every year they get closer and closer to replicating meat with cloning technology.

Meat-eating is here to stay for human omnivores like me, but animal slavery is not. Here's the latest report.