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The #1 Chinese herbal formula to beat coronavirus

Gan mao ling is the number one go-to in China and everywhere for relieving lung phlegm and lung inflammation while expelling the flu virus from the body. Many companies offer this honored formula online.


Spending time in nature calms and strengthens immunity

The global pandemic has turned human lives upsidedown. Nature is an antidote that heals the mind/body and strengthens immunity in a powerful way. Find some spot outdoors that you can call "yours" and hang out or exercise for a while every day, is my suggestion. Alone-time is a time to reflect on the big picture and how you fit into it.

Exercise itself, indoors or outdoors, alone or with another, is known to produce a sense of well-being. It relaxes liver-gan, calms heart-xi, and boosts immunity. Here is the latest study on the subject.


Lungfei - Your military HQ

Check out this video on my YouTube channel, all about your lungfei and what happens to it when Evil Wind invades.


Viruses and bacteria are opposites and teammates

Viruses love cold and hate heat. Bacteria love heat and hate cold. This is why antibiotics (cold) kill bacteria but thrill viruses. And this is why an attack by the flu virus elicits a high fever (100 or over). That heat is the body making life very unpleasant for the flu virus. It is also why viruses usually burn off when summer arrives, and why this Evil Wind starts up again when the seasons change and windy conditions prevail.

Viruses and bacteria will also tag-team you. When one is able to penetrate your defenses, the other seizes the opportunity and follows behind.


Vitamin C used in NY to fight the coronavirus

Seriously sick coronavirus patients in New York State’s largest hospital system are being given massive doses of vitamin C — based on promising reports that it has helped people in hard-hit China. Click here for the article.

Vitamin C has for decades been touted as having a protective function against upper respiratory viruses, and it makes sense. We know that the virus hates heat. Vitamin C is associated with citrus ACID. Acid burns because it's hot. Get it?

Get some and take it. Eat acidic foods. Use lemon juice and vinegar as disinfectants. P.S. Stay warm and avoid cold winds.


Some patients still have coronavirus 8 days after recovery

 Here is the link to this disconcerting story.

The good news is that without any symptoms, like coughing, sneezing, runny nose, fever, headache, or fatigue, these carriers are minimally or not at all contagious. The virus population is very weak by that time.

When you examine this chart, you see that the coronavirus is approximately 400 times more lethal than the regular flu for those who contract it, BUT is 5 times less lethal than the famous Spanish flu of 1918.