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Art therapy reduces teenage girls' headaches

That's the point of this study from the University of Washington.

But do we need expensive studies to prove that the visual and audio arts are necessary for good health?


Clogged arteries?

A clogged artery can mean gangrene, amputation, heart attack, or stroke. The conventional approach is to surgically remove the clog.

A recent study found that non-invasive procedures perform the task equally well. The reporter focuses on hi-tech procedures, blissfully unaware of the delicious fact that Chinese herbology, acupressure, and acupuncture are renowned for safely removing obstructions and restoring blood flow.


Paleo diet linked to heart disease

Here's the link to the Australian study.

Could the paleo diet mean too much meat? If so, it's due to male anthropologists who dominate the writing and ascribe superhero powers to the "mighty hunters," - themselves.

Consider this: It's a lot easier to sneak up on a plant than an animal. I conclude that foraging was far more important for human survival than hunting.


Pregnant women with blood heat can bleed to death

I recently met a young woman, 4 months pregnant, who is just now learning that her super-busy life of hurry and worry has boosted her immune system into overdrive (autoimmune), so that it destroys her platelets. Since childhood she has had a problem with stopping bleeding and bruising. They call it "hemophilia" but it's not the usual kind. She wasn't born with defective genes. The blood is so overheated and overactive, it boils out of vessels.

She fears she might bleed to death as she is giving birth. She's right to be apprehensive. There's also the strong possibility that the birth will be premature.


Widespread aspirin use despite few benefits, high risks

A new report says, "Nearly 30 million Americans older than 40 take aspirin daily to prevent cardiovascular disease. More than 6 million Americans take aspirin daily without physician's recommendation. Nearly half of Americans more than 70 years of age without cardiovascular disease, an estimate of nearly 10 million people, take aspirin daily -- despite current guidelines against this practice."

Rather than numb you out like a sedative, aspirin actually activates qi and dispels blood stagnation. This is why is is so safe and useful alleviating pain. HOWEVER, when you take something like that daily, your body/mind gradually loses it own innate ability to activate the qi and blood. This is the sad truth about harmful addictions.


Fish reveal limb-regeneration secrets

 From Michigan State University:  "What can fish teach scientists about limb regeneration? Quite a bit, as it turns out. In the current issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Michigan State University scientists show that gar, a toothy, freshwater fish, can reveal many evolutionary secrets - even possible genetic blueprints for limb regeneration in people. "

I can remember when a study like this would be considered wacky and entirely unprofessional. Now they elicit huge grants.

Cool beans.