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Wellness in the News for December 2019


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Take a yoga class to reduce depression and anxiety

Politics, finances, health problems, relationships, loneliness, and alienation are driving many into serious mental distre. The regular practice of yoga, tai chi, meditation, and qi gong are becoming increasingly necessary for short-term and long-term mental health.

Here is a large study affirming that notion.


Teens less likely to use cannabis when it's legal

We've all been teenagers and we all know how alluring "forbidden fruit" can be for the rebellious spirit. Here's the link to this interesting study from Montana State University.

Education beats prohibition any day. However, I will add that inhaling anything but clean air is risky business. If you or your teen want to experience the cannabis euphoria. eat it. Don't smoke it.


Dangerous effects of sleep deprivation underestimated

From Michigan State University: If you are signed up for any kind of surgical procedure, question the lead surgeon very carefully about sleep habits. If you allow yourself to be cut open by the typically sleep-deprived surgeon, you risk a great deal. Do not let them brush off your inquiries.


Medical establishment fears & smears Chinese herbology

It's all about money. It's never about safety, considering how dangerous drugs and surgeries are when applied to non-emergency situations.

Chinese herbology is effective, time-tested, and ridiculously safe, but directly challenges the mind-control that the medical est and the pharmaceutical industry exercise over us.

From Europe comes this report.


How mucus tames microbes

Our amazing bodies have a zillion self-maintenance mechanisms. Mucus is one of them. Mucus is manufactured for the purposes of blocking and flushing out invaders that the body detects as potential problems. Being yin in nature, it is also useful for cooling yang heat, i.e. reducing inflammation.

Here's the link to this interesting study by the  Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Stem cell transplants grow new lungs in mice

It's happening faster than most people realize. Today it's mice. In ten years, it will be us. Bio-engineering will be able to replace all diseased and worn-out organs and tissues without surgery.

Chinese medicine and BodyTrust will help us reach that future.

Here's the link.