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Daily sex helps your thinking

From Psychology Today comes new research that finds that  daily sexual activity is not only associated with generation of more new brain neurons, but also with enhanced cognitive function.

I can appreciate studies like this.

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20% of US kids take multiple medications

says a new study. It's such a shame that so many children are being trained to turn to risky emergency medicine for non-emergencies, when actually the holistic healing professions like Chinese medicine, for example, are non-invasive, safe, and effective at serving as the first line of defense against disease and injury.

Sadly, we often get refugees from emergency medicine who have the reached the end of their rope, when it should be the other way around.

This has to change.

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The Sugar Wars: Rhetoric or reason?

 In a recent article, Edward Archer, PhD, of EvolvingFX, Jupiter, FL, USA, challenged the latest dietary recommendations and presented evidence from multiple domains to show that "diet" is a trivial factor in metabolic health. "Anti-sugar rhetoric is simply diet-centric disease-mongering engendered by physiologic illiteracy," he wrote. "My position is that dietary sugars are not responsible for obesity or metabolic diseases and that the consumption of simple sugars and sugar-polymers (e.g., starches) up to 75 percent of total daily caloric intake is innocuous in healthy individuals." 

Sugar is neither a "good food" nor a "bad food". It is a strong food that can easily become a health problem is eaten to excess, in which case your own body will tell you so.

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New miracle weight-loss drug?

Appropriately from the pages of the UK publication This is Money: "A weight-loss pill has been hailed as a potential 'holy grail' in the fight against obesity after a major study showed it did not increase the risk of serious heart problems." So since it hasn't killed anyone yet, it's a safe investment.

They go on to say that the drug works  by stimulating brain chemicals to fake a feeling of fullness. Never mind the fact that obese individuals always feel full in the midsection, if they notice at all.

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Weight gain diminishes taste for food

A recent study confirms what I've been saying for years - that the fatter we get, the less enjoyable food becomes, so that we have to slather it with sweet, salty, and oily to get that "dopamine kick" from it.

Just from the taste, I can tell within one bite when my body tells me to stop eating.

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Body fat and blood pressure

A huge new study from China confirms the fact that excess body fat will jack up your blood pressure. Higher-than-normal pressure on the heart will strain it to the breaking point where eventually it stops.

Excess material in the body fills the blood vessels with excess contents, which press against the walls of the vessels and against the heart - hence higher pressure and heart attacks.

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