Wellness in the News for April 2019



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The keto diet can damage blood vessels

A Canadian study finds that people who engage in the popular low sugar/starch-and-high-fat keto diet cannot afford a "cheat" day like other diets unless they want to risk bruising, bleeding, and/or pain.

However, just like all diet schemes including "intermittent fasting," willpower eventually gives way to feelings of deprivation, to overeating, to eating forbidden food, and to self-blame. It is believed that the keto diet can help alleviate symptoms of some disorders, but like most drastic interventions, relief is only temporary.

All diets work to lose weight, and then they don't work. Only your own body is your true expert on the subject of eating. Check out my morning show on the subject 

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U.K. antidepressant prescriptions double in a decade

Depression and anxiety are rising at alarming rates in England, as this study shows. The Medical Doctors have nothing to counter the damaging effects of worrying and hurrying except drug addiction. No wonder they're leaving medicine in record numbers.

Find the full article in The Guardian.    


Fasting prevents autoimmune diseases

Fasting merely means "not eating." By extending the periods when we don't eat, we give our bodies a chance to dispose of the fermenting cesspool in the gut--toxic accumulations of excessive and partially processed food.

Now a study shows that fasting calms down the immune system--the body's soldiers--so it doesn't  get so busy and distracted that it attacks healthy tissue (autoimmune).

In a rich fat country like the US, the less food you eat, the healthier your gut will be and, as this study shows, the longer you will live. Calm, lean, strong, and hungry--that's my prescription for optimal health and longevity.

For the full report, go here.


Refugee women have healthier pregnancies

Researchers from the University of Buffalo found to their surprise that, compared to U.S.-born black and white women, refugee women from African countries had fewer pre-pregnancy health risks, fewer preterm births and higher rates of vaginal deliveries. This in spite of the fact that these women were more likely to delay beginning prenatal care until the second trimester. 

The scientists were buffalo'd until they realized how the unhealthy modern American lifestyle of worrying, hurrying, overeating, and overreliance on medical "experts" disrupts the birthing process.

For the full article, click here.


Heat-induced heart attacks on the rise

Apparently, global warming has a new victim--the human heart. That's how German researchers see it, anyway.

The heart loves balance. An excess in any direction can disrupt its functions. Until the earth's biosphere is cooled back down to normal, problems due to excess yang will continue to plague us.

For the full story, go here.


Genetic switches can regrow limbs and other body parts

When it comes to regeneration, some animals are capable of amazing feats--if you cut the leg off a salamander, it will grow back. When threatened, some geckos drop their tails as a distraction, and regrow them later. 

Geneticists have located the DNA switch that makes this "whole body" regeneration possible. Imagine some day regrowing missing or diseased body parts of yours without any surgery--just genetic manipulation.

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