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Wellness in the News for January 2020


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Kids who drink whole milk don't get fat

A surprising study from Canada of 21,000 children from seven countries indicates that those who drank whole milk grew up with far fewer incidents of obesity and overweight than children who drank skim milk. The scientists are totally puzzled, as whole milk has been on the official no-no list for many years.

My only guess is that families who practice orthorexia - "eating right" - tend to be obsessed with food as a fix-all for every problem, including unhappiness.


Drinking milk does not prevent bone fractures

Check out this link to a study that seriously doubts the magic bone-building properties of cow's milk. In my opinion, it's just more sales hype backed up by zero credible evidence.

Nothing you ever put in your mouth can take the place of lifting heavy weights. Thick bones are used to lift. They thicken in order to resist breakage, and to heal quickly from a break.

For advice on the best workout for you, email me. I am a Certified Fitness Trainer and have been for many years.


DNA is neither destiny nor a good predictor of health

In another Canadian study, it was determined that your genes have less than five per cent to do with your risk of developing a particular disease. That is a tiny number, considering the outrageous claims made by geneticists and DNA-testing labs.

I have found that achieving internal calmness is the first step toward good health.


Chinese medicine promoted in Bulgaria & the world

Guest lecturers from China held a presentation on Chinese medicine in Bulgaria at a recent event meant to establish bilateral cooperation in this field. Chinese medicine is expanding all over the world, in part due to the spread of Chinese culture and economic power, and at least in part by books like mine,  Chinese Medicine for the Modern World. 

Folks are studying my book in East Africa, West Africa, Latin America, Philippines, Europe, and North America. Sales increase daily as word-of-mouth spreads the good news about Chinese medicine.


Overeating more dangerous than not exercising

Here's a really confusing study comparing Amazon Indians and modern people, trying to figure out why we moderns are so fat. They reasoned that lack of exercise takes a major back seat to overeating.

The true reason for - I mean the very basic cause of - the obesity epidemic in the US and worldwide is political and was laid out in a paper I wrote in 2013 for an on-line publication. The title is "The Political Roots of American Obesity."


In-office gene therapy for macular degeneration

If you know someone who faces blindness from macular degeneration, have them read this study from the Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City. 

Most forms of macular degeneration are caused by a lifetime of pathogenic heat that rises into the head and causes instability in the eyes. Reducing the heat is the actual "cure."

I believe that in ten years, most forms of blindness and deafness will be cured, thanks to bio-engineering and bodytrust.