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Wellness in the News for June 2019



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Menopausal symptoms reduced with CBT

Many women in our modern world of worrying and hurrying experience symptoms of extreme heat. Conventional medical treatments, while comforting, carry health risks without understanding or fixing the problem of excess yang.

A new study on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy clearly demonstrates the mind/body  connection and the effectiveness of psychotherapy in addressing the root causes of menopausal symptoms.


Obese children develop early hardening of the arteries

A German study found that many obese children develop atherosclerosis and heart disease by the time they reach young adulthood. Excess yin (which can only enter through the mouth) has to end up somewhere, and part of that somewhere is the lining of blood vessels.

One more modern epidemic that used to be reserved for seniors.


Food cravings not related to "nutritional deficiencies"

Whether you crave broccoli or steak or any other food, "approved" or not, it's not because your body needs it. It's because your mind is fixated on it, says a new study reported by the BBC.

We who live in rich fat countries do not lack for nutrition but are actually sickening and dying from excess nutrition, contrary to the conventional "wisdom" that is shouted at us from every rooftop and sidestreet.

Consequently, orthorexia is a growing concern for holistic practitioners and psychotherapists alike. Food stagnation and liver qi stagnation combine to create some very nasty problems indeed.


A traffic jam of dead cells impedes immune factors

Like an ambulance trying to get through rush-hour traffic, dead cells that haven't been cleared away by fasting will disrupt the immune cells' ability to respond to wounds and patrol for infection, according to a recent British study. The same can be said for enlarged fat cells and all other excess yin.

Looked at another way, when the wei qi has to stop and deal with garbage-strewn streets, the bad guys multiply to become serious threats to life and limb.


First-year Medical Doctors age rapidly. . .

In fact, six times faster than normal, according to a new study.  All that worrying and hurrying shortens cellular telomeres - our aging clocks that measure jing retention and loss.

Sacrificing one's health for a career is unfortunately all too common. This cavalier attitude towards health starts in medical school, and sadly is not confined to conventional medicine but includes most "holistic" disciplines.

It's ironic and disturbing that people who are supposed to be delivering "health care" to the public don't put much value on their own health.


Tissue-regeneration injections on the horizon

From the University of British Columbia comes a report about a simple injection that will one day regrow damaged tissue. This advance has long been the dream of doctors and patients alike. 

Imagine the larger implications of regrowing any organ or tissue that begins to fail you or is lost in an accident.