Wellness in the News for November 2018


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Why do people feel tired after eating?

This is the headline from an article in Medical News Today. It's an interesting piece, but not surprisingly, the writer failed to answer the question convincingly.

From a Chinese point of view, the answer is simple. When we omnivorous humans consume our rich and varied diet, our body's energy/qi naturally wants to concentrate in the middle to digest the meal. It vacates the extremities and brain to do this, providing us with a period of rest and contentment.

Overeating will cause a clogged and damp digestion. The damp will flood into the muscles causing them to feel heavy, and rise into the brain on clouds of fog.

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Are you eating enough salt?

The first sage on the left would ask back, "Well, do you ever fel hunger?" The second would ask, "How does a deer in the forest know when to head to the salt lick?"

A BBC article tries to answer this question talking about how salt is needed for human survival but too much will expand the fluid in the blood vessels, causing blood pressure to rise.

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Why smoking ruins teeth

Smoke results from fire. All smoke is hot gas. The continual bombardment of teeth and gums with hot gas burns tissue and shrinks it.

You could also say that the heat invites in the kind of bacteria that loves to eat teeth and gums. Bacteria do breed best in warm conditions.

A study finds a link between the heavy smoking and massive teeth loss in victims of the Irish Famine between 1847 and 1851. The writer cannot answer the question, however.

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Glaucoma through a Chinese lens

In glaucoma patients, the optic nerve and the retinal nerve cells are damaged beyond conventional repair. Blindness is the consequence. Recently, German researchers located a gene that might help predict the onset of the disease for early intervention. However, true repair of these nerves must await the development of genomic medicine.

Extreme anxiety can cause the sufferer to tighten up any muscles in the body, including muscles in and around the eyes. This constriction can block input and output channels into the eyes and cause blindness.

Did you ever see the movie "Ray" about the blind musician Ray Charles?  As a child, he blamed himself for his sister's death, and within a half year had developed glaucoma and blindness.

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People overestimate benefits, underestimate risks of drugs & surgery. . .

. . .even when they're cautioned beforehand, according to a new study.

The desperate search for the quick-fix leads many people into disaster, not understanding that true healing from mental or physical trauma requires time and patience.

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A bright future for genomic medicine

sseurThe headline on this article from the BBC says, "Why gene editing could create so many jobs." It gives convincing evidence that the field of genetic engineering is about to explode on our world.

I see three positive benefits. One is that so many birth defects will be reversed and prevented. Another is that my aging and diseased tissues and organs will be replaced using my own genetic blueprint. And the third is that this new field will absorb most of the medical doctors, nurses and others who will be pushed out of general medical care by holistic disciplines like Chinese medicine.

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