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Wellness in the News for February 2020


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The British TV show “Sex Education” causing a stir

"When the TV show Sex Education - which centers around two students who set up a sex clinic in their school - first debuted on Netflix last year, it was a breath of fresh air. The first series tackled topics including slut-shaming, abortion, virginity and masturbation - which Aimee Lou Wood, who plays Aimee Gibbs, told Radio 1 Newsbeat she "thought was only a boy thing."

Most people in the world today are sexually repressed, and suffer for it.

Here's the link for the BBC article.


Air pollution and heart attacks

From the University of Sydney. There is an increased risk of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest even from short-term exposure to low concentrations of dangerously small particulate matter PM2.5, an international study has found, noting an association with gaseous pollutants such as those from coal burning, wildfires/bushfires and motor vehicles. 

The authors call for a tightening of standards worldwide; the findings also point to the need to cool the rising temperature, clean the biosphere, and transition to cleaner energy. 


Freedom at work reduces the risk of low back pain

Being hounded at work causes slave-like posture, never good for the lower back. It also causes people to tighten muscles unintentionally in a fight-or-flight response, including the muscles along the spine.

Here's the link to the German study.


Fitness apps vs. fitness trainers

I like the idea of independence, hence the fitness app. However, for encouragement and correct form, nothing can take the place of a human trainer.

Here's the interesting comparison from the BBC.


Tobacco farmers switching to stevia

I use stevia every day. It's the safest sugar substitute known. Processed sugar is ok for most people as long as this powerful food is taken in moderation.

Stevia sure beats tobacco as a daily habit.

Here's the report.


Successful treatment for pain using human stem cells

I had no idea that stem cells could be used to stop pain. Here's the Australian study

Researchers have used human stem cells to make pain-killing neurons that provide lasting relief in mice, without side effects, in a single treatment. The next step is to perform extensive safety tests in rodents and pigs, and then move to human patients suffering chronic pain within the next five years. 

Let us keep in mind, however, that pain is there for a reason, and cannot be ignored safely. Pain says, "We got a problem. Fix it!"