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The Workbook of Chinese Herbs

A fun, innovative, & easy system

for memorizing all the individual herbal information required for the California State Board of Acupuncture licensing exam.

Earn A's in all your herbology classes

when you commit to memory all the information taken from Materia Medica by Bensky.

Decades later, you will still remember the pinyin and pharmceutical Latin names, the tastes, temperatures, entering meridians, actions, indications, and contraindications for each of 268 herbs.

Wild, sexy, violent, and MEMORABLE,

these stories that you draw in colored pencils or memorize verbally, are highly structured for easy comprehension.  Once you learn this user-friendly system, you can adjust the stories to fit your own personal experiences, and even adapt the system for memorizing formulas, points, and so on.

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About the book


This is what a sample story looks like.

There's plenty of space below  to draw your own picture of the story, in the colors that pertain to the twelve entering meridians - based on the five-element scheme.

Or if you prefer, instead of drawing a picture, you can memorize the lines of the story like an actor does with a script.

At the bottom is a key that explains each common-sense, easy-to-remember symbol in the story.


All symbology is explained at the beginning.

There is also a glossary of symbols at the end of the book, and an explanation of how those symbols were arrived at.


The key thing to understand

is that the material has to be memorable FOR YOU.  Do not be shy about drawing pictures if you don't consider yourself to be an artist.  No one will see these but you, and having drawn them yourself, you will never forget them.     

If you choose to memorize the stories verbally, it helps to work with a study partner.  That way, when you get stuck, your partner can nudge you along.


Getting started  

The Story Pages     

Exterior Releasers           


Downward Drainers          


Wind Damp Dispellers

Phlegm & Cough Relievers

Aromatic Damp Transformers

Food Stagnation Relievers

Qi Regulators

Blood Regulators

Interior Warmers



Shen Calmers

Aromatic Orifice Openers

Liver Wind Extinguishers

Parasite Expellers

Herbs for External Application

Explanation of Symbols

Glossary of Symbols

Index of Pinyin Names

Index of Latin Pharmaceutical Names